Our Services


Sea freights – Worldwide. FCL (full container loads).
We are working with several shipping companies and agents and we will make sure that you will get as good service and price as possible.

Freights on truck.

We have the knowledge and the computer softwares that is needed. We are able to help you with customs clearence, customs declaration etc, for mention a few. If there is, we will help you with customs quota. Of course we have customs credit which can be used by you as a customer. If you are importing groceries from a country who is not an EU-member, an inspection from a veterinary surgeon is necessary. In that case we will help you to fill CVED-documents and assist the border veterinary surgeons with assistance and handling documents. Everything that will make the transmission work out well and as soon as possible. We also make customs clearences for other countries than Sweden.

We are authorized exporters (state of UGE) and we run everything via computer. We do not have go to the customs to clearance.

According to the trade statistics by EU, a report has to be made if you are selling for more then 9 million Swedish crowns and/or are selling for less then 4.5 million Swedish crowns to another country in EU then Sweden. We have the programs to deliver this statistics to SCB.

Fiscal representive
Foreign countries which can be registered by valued-added tax in Sweden, with the benefit to draw the
detailed valued-added tax.

Containerport in United Arab Emirates.