About us

The small company with the large knowledge
Spedkon i Göteborg AB is a forwarding-, and service office. We can offer you all the help you may need when it comes to freight by car, ship or by air, and also intrastat , and VAT reports. Our specialty is customs clearences and perishable. We have big knowledge about EU´s tariff qotas!

Over 30 years in the shipping & forwarding trade.
The company started back in 1985/1986 by Mikael Andersson among others. The owners today are Mikael Andersson and Mike Bergen, and we are located in Lackarebäcks industrial estate in Mölndal, Göteborg. We are assured according to the Swedish customs Stairway and has the best credit rating accord to UC  2003-2016.

Can we help your company?

We mainly aim at the companies with border trade. If you need more information and a priceinquity, please contact us. We look forward to a good cooperation. We are possessing AEO-certificate (SE AEOC 55642368090001).

Economic information.
Parent company : 24u InWest AB SE556649990001
Business company: Spedkon i Gbg AB SE556423680901.

Bank: Nordea
IBAN: SE48 9500 0099 6026 0713 9637
Bankgiro: 867-6249
Plusgiro: 713963-7

“Spedkon aspire to on their own terms and its customers desire, offering profitable transports (example sea and rail) in the most environmentally sound way possible which self direct impact and an inderect impact on suppliers and partners.”  

Certificates etc.